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By imports, exports, and distribution of a wide range of raw materials required in food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial industries, Pars Bulk Manufacturer and Commercial Group has utilized foreign and domestic trade to support manufacturers and provide an opportunity for the distribution and supply of raw materials used in production units. Accordingly, we are eager to cooperate with economic activists in this field and serve the customers.

واردات و عرضه مواد اولیه کارخانجات

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After years of research and study of the domestic market in sales of raw materials required for food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial industries, and after obtaining sales agencies …

واردات مواد اولیه صنایع غذایی، دارویی و صنعتی
واردات مواد اولیه صنایع غذایی، دارویی و صنعتی

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With a long history and vast experience in import, export, and distribution of raw materials for various industries and factories from the world’s top brands with the highest quality and most reasonable prices, we help you to supply the required raw materials in the best possible way and as a result, develop your business.

Raw materials for sports supplements
Ingredients for dietary supplements
Food industry raw materials
Pharmaceutical raw materials
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Years of activity in the supply of raw materials has made us experts at the market needs, and now, with many years of experience, we are available to meet your needs.

High Quality

We believe that the most important principle in producing quality products is quality and intact raw materials, and our main concern is the supply of quality raw materials in order to best meet the customers' needs and expectations.


Thanks to its expert human capital, our team can provide you with highly specialized consultants in selecting the best raw materials you need.

Pars Bulk is the number one supplier of raw materials for sports supplements and protein powders


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