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With years of experience in commodity trading, Pars Bulk Commercial Group has had activity in import and export of raw materials in various industries including chemical, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, detergent industry, agricultural industry, etc. from/to different countries. In this regard, we are here to meet the needs of manufacturing companies for various raw materials through imports. Additionally, we can cooperate with economic activists to export domestic products.

If you need a product that is not in our warehouse inventory, we can import your desired product from a foreign country if the conditions are appropriate.

If you are looking to export your products, you can count on us for consultation on how to select the best destination, and marketing/sales strategies, and how to go through customs formalities.

If your factory has surplus raw materials that exceed your factory’s consumption, you can offer to sell your surplus products.

With regard to presenting formulation, we have an experienced staff who can guide you in selecting the best raw materials in terms of quality, brand, and efficiency.

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Company's Policy:

By its experienced experts and dedicated staff, and by recruiting efficient and specialized personnel and providing specialized services, Pars Bulk Company has always attempted to provide professional and distinctive services compared with other companies.

Since its establishment, honesty in all executive operations and providing the most appropriate solutions to protect the economic interests of the companies with which we are proud to cooperate has been the key to our company’s success.

Adhering to ethical principles, honesty, fairness, responsibility, efficiency, and accuracy in order to protect the customers’ interests and provide optimal services requested by the customer in recent years, the company has always seen significant growth in customer satisfaction and fulfilling its obligations.

We currently have extensive and regular cooperation with reputable commercial companies and manufacturing units, and the provision of specialized services is our outstanding feature. Thanks to our invaluable experiences throughout years of business, we have been able to grant rapidity, accuracy, and cost reduction to our customers, and we are always adding diverse and high-quality services to our products.

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Our scope of activity:

  • Concluding a long-term contract with factories and manufacturers to supply raw materials ceaselessly, and guaranteeing the price and quality of products
  • Supplying custom-made raw materials for chemical and food factories (pro forma)
  • International shipping and monitoring to ensure quality performance
  • Providing specialized consultation on purchasing and purchase engineering
  • Meeting the needs of raw materials in related industries
  • Obtaining pro forma, performing relevant foreign exchange affairs
  • Conducting research and visiting factories
  • Establishing all business correspondence
  • Monitoring the quality of goods

Company activity chart in different industries:

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The level of activity of the company in importing materials required by different industries