Import and export of bulk commercial goods


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If you need a product that is not in our warehouse inventory, we can import your desired product from a foreign country if the conditions are appropriate.

Goods that are made or supplied within the country or other foreign countries and are imported to another country through trade are called imported goods.
Since the supply of some goods is not feasible for all countries or is not economically efficient, such countries import goods to meet their domestic needs. It should be noted that imports are a specialized field and should be done by experts.

  • Determining goods and the required quantityDetermining imported goods is a specialized decision and should be based on knowledge and experience, and many factors affect it, but in general, we are familiar with most of the needs of manufacturing factories and we can
  • Determining a foreign sellerMany suppliers' products can be identified on such websites as Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Moreover, attending domestic and foreign specialized exhibitions, exploring the Internet and downloading catalogs, visiting chambers of commerce, traveling to target countries, consulting with suppliers or commercial offices, etc. are common methods to identify suppliers.
  • Importing and clearance of the goodsAt this stage, the importer must submit the required documents to the customs office and receive the desired products after going through some steps and paying some fees. Many importers usually face problems at this stage. Therefore, they inevitably use import consultation.

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In importing and exporting goods, it is essential to have a license for all goods, which must be obtained from the relevant organizations. The issuance of these licenses varies depending on the type of imported goods. Imports are a specialized field of activity and require thorough mastery and expertise of the commercial language, business information, experiences, and considerations. As a result, many natural and legal entities decide to outsource this process to commercial companies and avoid its complexities.

Pharmaceutical active substance (APIs), polyvinyl pyrrolidone, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and …

Proteins, carbohydrates, gums, enzymes, dyes, vitamins, minerals, flavors, food additives, etc.

Sulfuric acid, ethylene, propylene, chlorine, ethylene dichloride, phosphoric acid, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, etc.

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