Import and export of bulk commercial goods

about us


about us

After years of research and study of the domestic market in sales of raw materials required for food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial industries, and after obtaining sales agencies from prominent foreign and domestic manufacturers, and aiming to introduce new and functional raw materials, our team has started its activity to meet the current market needs and solve the manufacturers’ significant problems. Relying on the most advanced technologies in the world and having efficient tools in foreign and domestic trade, our personnel’s scientific and practical experience has made Pars Bulk Company one of the most active suppliers of raw materials in Iran.

Providing quality raw materials and additives for your products, we strengthen the advancement and efficiency of your production process and differentiate your activity in the market. If you have activity in the food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial industries, Pars Bulk is always there for you, and through cooperation, your superior production is achieved.

Our mission

In order to excel, we are committed to recognizing the customers’ needs, providing reliable services and innovative specialized solutions, and achieving sustainable sales in order to create continuous value for shareholders and develop national production.

How we work